Week 1 (Ending 1/2/08)

Hello World!

Ya that is what this week is about.

I installed Linux Ubuntu Gutsy (courtesy: Ram). Ram also helped me with quite bit of the linux environment. After that the mysql, PHP and Apache was set up. Then I ported the database and the code to the apache document root. Then the current system worked.

Here is a sample screen shot

Since I wanted to understand what was actually the input I used Google to translate what were the input qns. And they actually meant

And this is my chat translated to english

I actually couldn't make sense out of the chat. Agreed I could have confused the character with some random chat at the start, but later on even when I tried to type proper Japanese the responses seem weird. (Shoes, Christ, etc for How are you?) I need to clarify with Prof.Adrian if the chat follows some story or theme or is there some logic for the answers. But I believe the system is definitely not doing routine answering because for the same query I got different answers. Maybe I should dive into this code once I am familiarised with Processing.

The installation phase had its own set of problems. But all goes well that ends well. I still havent figured out why Processing didn't seem to work in Ubuntu though. But luckily my home computer (based on our dear Win XP) could run Processing. I borrowed the recommended book for processing from the Central Library RBR for 4 hours today (I have to return the book in 2 hours to prevent getting fined.) and tested out some basics.

The animation could be timeless and very responsive when developed with Processing.

Sample of an animation I developed.


Basically the white circle moves smoothly to wherever my moves and its color is blocked by the rectangle in the middle. A pretty good Hello World!

Things I need to do next week

1. Figure out a way to make Processing run on Ubuntu

2. Connect MySql to Processing

3. And finally familiarise myself with Processing

4. Also familiarise with MySQL and PHP.

5. Understand the code base that is currently in japanese

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