Week 2 (Ending 8/2/08)

Over the weekend the confusion over the theme of the chat was clarified with Prof Adrian. And for now I am going to assume that it is indeed smart.

I tried installing Processing on Ubuntu, but figured that there were a lot of hurdles to cross.

For starters, Processing depends on sun java package. Even after I installed those in the system somehow processing was not running and it pointed to Jikes. I tried building the entire jikes package from scratch, but it was of no use. After spending 3 futile days in the lab from Monday through Wednesday on this I decided to read up on Processing. I borrowed the Processing Book from the Central Library RBR and read it.

Lucky for me Processing runs fine on Windows XP and I familiarized myself with the system. I finished reading the book today and thanks to my prior programming experience, I think I know what needs to be done if you need to code in processing. I even figured out what libraries to use for connecting MySql and Processing. The details are available at http://www.bezier.de/mysql/.

Oh and here is one of the cool processing things that I did.. I created a 3D layer over which I imposed this image and I can control it with the mouse. Watch The video

So my immediate goals for next week is to get some help from maybe Ram or Janaka on how to solve the Processing-Ubuntu mystery. And then test out the mysql connection from processing. After that I should be good to do some real kick ass programming!

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